Saturday, October 24, 2009

Over Due... Egypt & Greece

** Before I begin, i must say this... Our Group Started out with 4 Camera's. By the end we didn't have any left. The second day of the trip Adam's broke in the sand storm. On the 5th day, John's broke scuba diving. On the 8th day Charlotte's was stolen out of her bag at the airport. On the 22nd day my camera was dropped in the sand. So the only pictures we have from the trip are what i took with mine. It is an older camera and didn't take very good pictures. We were all kinda relying on everyone else (bad idea) and now this is all we have.**

Here are some of my pictures from Egypt and Greece. I didn't end up going to Israel, another time... another adventure that will be. I am going to start Egypt.

(please be kind... i'd been awake for 36 hours at this point)

My flight in was very long. We spent our time in Egypt during Ramadan. I got in a day after my group and they were supposed to pick me up at the Airport. After waiting in the Ciaro airport for 45 minutes, i knew something was wrong. I have an international phone, but for some reason it wasn't working. Because it was Ramadan, everything was shut down. I ended up talking some very kind man into letting me use his computer. I was able to find out my group had sent me a driver and was waiting for me. Straight from the airport he took me to the Pyramids, where i met my group!

(a picture of the drive over to Giza)

We rode horses around them, then went off and ate dinner in the desert during a sand storm. Fun Fun! I'll post something new every couple of days. I feel like if i do it all at once, it could be a bit overwhelming.


Joni and Rico Adams said...

Nice. need more! You look cute in the pyramid picture. Share more adventures please for my selfish entertainment.

MeganDan said...

Hey lady! I ran into Adam last week. He says you're moving back to Utah (for now). I'd love to see you! Email me your phone number :)

Logan and Sydney said...

Hi Meghan! Yeah, my husband really enjoys rafting and I usually go along for the ride! He just finished rafting the Grand Canyon last month. He rowed his own oar rig which was exciting for him. If you want to see some pictures from our trips check out his rafting blog at

Manda Lynn said...

girl you are impressing the hell out of me! look at all your adventures!